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Scoring a third set match tiebreak (Rich North   Feb 1)

The proper way to enter the scores of a third set match tiebreak is to put a 1 in the set score for the winning team and a 0 in the set score for the losing team.  The actual points (10-5, for example) goes in the small boxes for the tiebreak score.

The reason for this is if two or more teams wind up in a tie for first or second place the tie is broken by looking at matches won, sets won, games won and the tiebreak needs to count as only one game won.

Who's your Coordinator? (Rich North   Dec 23)

Each section has a Coordinator assigned to handle your Captains, rosters, scores, and any other issues.  To find your Coordinator CLICK HERE.

2018 Finals (Rich North   Mar 26)

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Team Points Weeks
M1R#3. Cascade Lakes 88 6/10
M1R#2. Broken Sound 42 6/10
M1R#1. Boca Delray 42 6/10
M1W#3. Palm Beach Gardens (Morris) 75 6/10
M1W#1. Palm Beach Gardens (Dillon) 39 6/10
M1W#2. Mirasol 31 6/10
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Week 6
Feb 14 - Feb 20, 2019
  M1R#1. Boca Delray
M1W#3. Palm Beach Gar...s)

  M1W#1. Palm Beach Gar...n)
M1R#3. Cascade Lakes

  M1W#2. Mirasol
M1R#2. Broken Sound

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